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Sanitary Survey

EMS will assess your well and water system for potential risks of environmental contamination, including physical damage to the system, contamination from onsite chemicals, and backflow prevention.

Hydraulic Flow Testing

To assess the capacity of a well system's aquifer, EMS will conduct a hydraulic flow test, pumping the system at a rate of approximately five gallons a minute for four hours.  The resulting calculations and conclusions are provided within our full report.

Milwaukie OR:  503-353-9691

Washington:  360-735-1109

Expert Witness:

Let EMS assist with resolving your disputes over environmental matters, property lines and easements, or compliance and regulatory issues.  We'll provide an unbiased and accurate investigation, including depositions and court testimony as

required by the case.

Domestic Water Well Testing

If you’re selling a property in Oregon where your water supply comes from an onsite well, you’ll be required by the Oregon Health Authority to have the water tested for arsenic, coliform bacteria and nitrates before you close on the sale. Part of a broader effort to assess the quality of Oregon groundwaters, this requirement also helps protect the health of those that rely on well water for domestic uses.

Add lead testing to the Domestic Well Test for a nominal additional fee.

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