Learn how to protect your Home with the Homeowners Guide to Landslides - Oregon & Washington

Choosing Septic Safe trees for your property!

Download our handy guidelines for keeping your onsite septic system healthy and happy!

DEQ provides this brief explanation of what an "ATT" wastewater treatment system is and what's involved in owning one

Geoflow Wastewater Subsurface Dripfield (GWSD) - an EMS Primer on this exciting new technology!

It's no substitute for an EMS site evaluation, but this 2016 Dept of Geology and Mineral Industries map shows landslide susceptibility across the whole state of Oregon.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Oregon Health Authority has issued these easy to follow guidelines to minimize the risk to you and your families.

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How the ground itself can effect your property development plans:

Check the Soils before you Buy (2015)

This reprint of a brief fact sheet on Landscaping Near Septic Systems from the University of Minnesota has some good tips for Oregon & Washington homeowners too!

If you own a septic system and live within the Clackamas River Watershed, CRWP has two money saving programs that can help you with inspection and repair costs!

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The National Environmental Health Association provides this helpful report about what to do when your septic system faces a flooding event.

Financial Assistance for septic system owners in the Molalla River Watershed.  Click here to download more info!

Clean Water Services provides this 261page Planning & Design Manual to cover every facet of Erosion and Sediment Control

EMS's Guide to Domestic Well and Drinking Water Testing

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Washington:  360-735-1109

Winter Care Tips to prevent your Septic System from freezing, courtesy of the University of Minnesota's Onsite Sewage Treatment Program.

Do You have a Wetland on Your Property?  Use our helpful checklist to find out!