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Wetlands Determinations, Delineations & Mitigation:

Wetlands are areas where saturation with water is the dominant factor determining the nature of soil development and the types of plant and animal communities living in the soil and on its surface. If you have a wetland on your property, you will be required to delineate its boundaries before you can begin to develop the land.

To help determine if you have a Wetland on your property, EMS will perform a Wetland Determination.  This process involves an on-site investigation and assessment of the  property, from soil conditions to vegetation and wildlife. The provided report will include our findings and recommendations, which if wetland conditions do exist, could very well be the next step: a professional Delineation.

Our Wetland Delineation accurately maps out the entire wetland area on your property for submittal to regulatory authorities. 

In addition, EMS professionals can provide a plan to mitigate and replace wetland areas that you'd like to build on by assisting you with the preparation of a Removal/Fill Permit.