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We Focus on Your Goals:

Whether for Development, Sale or Business Environmental Practices, we welcome the opportunity to work with you. We specialize in conducting evaluations in support of site development, natural resources studies, hazards management and property transfer due diligence investigations. Our primary services are the following, but not limited to:

Siting and Designing On-site Wastewater & Stormwater treatment systems
Developing alternative wastewater treatment systems on challenging properties
Wetland Delineations
Soil profiling and classification
Property Condition Investigations & Environmental Site Assessments
Natural Resource Inventories
Geologic Hazard Investigations & Hydrogeology Assessments
Conducting performance studies for the use of alternative materials and system designs for regulatory agency approval

• Expert Witness Testimony & Legal Consultation.

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About Us:

Environmental Management Systems, Inc. is a consulting and design firm assisting clients to achieve their Property Development, Operational and Compliance Goals. EMS’ holistic approach focuses on maximizing Client’s resources. Professional Siting, Soils, Geology and Performance Monitoring lead to Design of effective treatment systems for both residential and commercial use. We distinguish ourselves by thoughtfully applying innovative technology and proven design techniques to maintain the integrity of the environment and the public’s health and safety.

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