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Floods and Your Septic System

In it, you’ll find answers to some common questions and what you can do to protect yourself.   Just click on the blue button to the right to read and download the two-page pdf file.

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In response to Executive Order 20-12 issued by the State of Oregon,  Environmental Management Systems is shifting to a “work-at-home” business model utilizing internet-based telework options to carry on business for the immediate future. We appreciate your patience while we implement new procedures and adjust to a new way of doing things during these trying times.

We’ll be accepting new work and expect to maintain close to our normal work capacity. Already scheduled inspections and field work will be completed as planned, but we’ll be contacting clients first to confirm availability.  And to protect our employees from potential risk, our field technicians will be practicing the state’s prescribed social distancing procedures.  We urge everyone – including our clients – to

observe these rules for the benefit of all Oregonians.

Together, we can help lower the risk of infection for everyone and bring

the era of COVID-19 to an end as soon as possible.

There’s no doubt the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak is posed to cause disruptions to our daily lives and routines, and that’s assuming you and your loved ones stay healthy!  For those that contract the virus, the risks are multiplied.  The Oregon Health Authority has published the Novel Coronavirus Fact Sheet attached here.

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Get the facts: OHA's Coronavirus Fact Sheet

As winter snows melt to spring, flooding is a real possibility in many parts of the Pacific Northwest.  A flooded-out system could expose you and your family to contaminants borne by raw, untreated sewage.  The National Environmental Health Association has published a useful report on steps you can take to protect your on-site system from damage before, during and after a flood event.  To read it just visit our Resources Page and click on the green “Flood Guidelines” button.