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EMS at Biglow Canyon Wind Farm

Adding & Restoring Value to Your Land since 1997

Completed in 2010, Portland General Electric’s Biglow Canyon Wind Farm has a peak generating capacity of 450 megawatts and routinely produces enough clean energy to power 125,000 average residential homes.  But for wastewater needs, PGE called EMS to evaluate their system and provide solutions to long term issues.  EMS is pleased to be working to make Oregon’s oldest clean energy wind farm even cleaner!

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Environmental Management Systems, Inc. offers our clients the team required to develop property with reason and responsibility. We are an environmental consulting, engineering and design firm utilizing a holistic approach to our clients' development goals; be it residential, commercial or industrial.  By thoughtfully applying innovative technology and proven design techniques, the integrity of the environment as well as the public’s health & safety is maintained.

Regional non-profit Craft3 has helped over a thousand Pacific Northwest families replace failing septic systems with their unique Clean Water Loan program. To qualify, one of the following must apply:  your septic system must be at least 25 years old, in a state of failure, or you’ve been contacted by local health officials and/or are under orders to fix it.  A Clean Water Loan may even cover the full cost of designing, permitting and installing your new up-to-code septic system.  For more info, see our Resources Page here and download the Clean Water Loan brochure.