Floods and Your Septic System

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Domestic Well and Water Testing

Winter Care Tips for Your Septic System

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If you’re selling a property in Oregon where your water supply comes from an onsite well, you’ll be required by the Oregon Health Authority to have the water tested for arsenic, coliform bacteria and nitrates before you can close the sale.   EMS offers this and other water related services as part of our wide range of inspection services.  To read an EMS White Paper on Domestic Drinking Water Testing just click on the link above to our Resources Page.

With the winter wet season here, flooding is a real possibility in many parts of the Pacific Northwest.  A flooded-out system could expose you and your family to contaminants borne by raw, untreated sewage.  The National Environmental Health Association has published a useful report on steps you can take to protect your on-site system from damage before, during and after a flood event.  To read it just visit our Resources Page and click on the green “Flood Guidelines” button.

While you’re at our Resources Page, and courtesy of the University of Minnesota’s Onsite Sewage Treatment Program, take a look at a great tip sheet on the problems cold weather can cause to your septic system, what you can do if it freezes, and steps you can take to prevent it from happening in the future.

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