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Environmental Management Systems, Inc. offers our clients the team required to develop property with reason and responsibility. We are an environmental consulting, engineering and design firm utilizing a holistic approach to our clients' development goals; be it residential, commercial or industrial.  By thoughtfully applying innovative technology and proven design techniques, the integrity of the environment as well as the public’s health & safety is maintained.

Adding & Restoring Value to Your Land since 1997

News:  Residential Projects

We’ve highlighted several commercial projects here over the last few months, but let’s not forget:  EMS can handle your residential jobs, too!  Be it onsite wastewater treatment, stormwater management, erosion and sediment control, or site planning and permits, EMS can help you fix up that old family homestead or develop a new one from the ground up.  Give us a call for a Preliminary Site Evaluation and we’ll help get you on the road to the home of your dreams!

News:  Herb Pharm

From simple beginnings in 1979, Oregon based Herb Pharm has grown into one of the nation’s premier herbal pharmaceutical companies, locally growing many of their products on over 100 acres of farmland in a tiny, scenic hamlet just south of Grants Pass.  To make sure the company’s wastewater treatment systems keep up with all that growth, EMS is working with the Herb Pharm to design cost effective, environmentally sound solutions that will allow the company to protect their lands and keep growing their healing herbs and medicinal plants for years to come.