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Environmental Management Systems, Inc. offers our clients the team required to develop property with reason and responsibility. We are an environmental consulting, engineering and design firm utilizing a holistic approach to our clients' development goals; be it residential, commercial or industrial.  By thoughtfully applying innovative technology and proven design techniques, the integrity of the environment as well as the public’s health & safety is maintained.

News:  EMS at Gateway Green!

EMS is pleased to partner with local firm PBS Engineering and Portland Department of Recreation and Parks to design wastewater treatment solutions for use at Portland's newest park acquistion: Gateway Green. 25 acres located on the site of the old Rocky Butte Jail in East Portland, the park is soon to be developed into a world class multi-use recreational facility, complete with running, walking, and bicycling trails, a natural habitat area and more.  Look to Gateway Green as the latest example of innovative urban restoration that can energize local development and improve our lives in Portland!

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News:  Civic Park in Detroit, Oregon

City officials in Detroit, Oregon have been working hard to turn a deserted school yard into the new Detroit Civic Park.  Envisioned as an inviting open space that enhances its surroundings, the park has gone through several design revisions, but all feature recreational amenities like a pavilion, picnic areas and playgrounds.  EMS was recently brought on board to provide ideas and preliminary concepts to handle the park's wastewater treatment requirements. We're looking forward to working with the city and hope to see these plans realized soon!