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Environmental Management Systems, Inc. offers our clients the team required to develop property with reason and responsibility. We are an environmental consulting, engineering and design firm utilizing a holistic approach to our clients' development goals; be it residential, commercial or industrial.  By thoughtfully applying innovative technology and proven design techniques, the integrity of the environment as well as the public’s health & safety is maintained.

News:  McMenamins Edgefield

Known throughout the northwest for their whimsical, rustic restaurants and fine food, McMenamin’s Edgefield is a full-scale resort facility located in Troutdale, OR.  Edgefield is well known for its onsite winery, distillery & brewery, where they produce a wide variety of fine wines, spirits and in 2016 alone over 10,000 kegs of beer.  EMS is working with McMenamins to update and improve their waste treatment processes at Edgefield, making them as earth-friendly as possible.  Many options are being considered, but the goal is to create an operation in keeping with the company’s “green” philosophy and making the most of “reuse and recycle”.   We’re pleased they’ve chosen EMS to help with the project and trust our expertise will lead to some creative and innovative solutions!

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News: Tualatin River Farm

Tualatin River Farm is 62 acre working farm and native plant nursery in Washington County managed by the Water Management Division of Clean Water Services.  The CWS Master Plan for the site includes restoration of the area’s riparian & wetland habitats, transformation of tree plantations to mixed upland forest, protections for resident species, and a variety of educational programs.  EMS is pleased to partner with local engineering firm CES/NW to develop wastewater treatment solutions for the proposed Landscape Contractors Building and provide support services for the evaluation of the site’s water resources.   When all the work’s done, CWS expects The Farm to be a showcase for sustainable farming practices and environmental education.